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A Whale of a Tail

Legendary Laguna Beach ocean artist Wyland came to Malcolm Elementary School in Laguna Niguel last week, and painted a stunning visual portrait on the wall of the school's playground. This life size painting features a migrating whale swimming along the California coast, and the best feature of this original Wyland piece, is that all the kids in the school got to add their own personal touch to the aquatic themed classroom wall.

Every child in the entire school got the chance to paint a fish, a seahorse, an octopus, or whatever a child thinks is lurking around under the sea. The children hand painted colorful sharks, crabs, jellyfish, sting rays, all in bright colors, with most of the sea creatures donning smiling faces. Wyland took the lead, and painted a magnificent whale just breaching the water, with the California coastline in the background. Then he handed his paint brushes over to the children, and led them up in groups of four, and let the kids finish this one of a kind ocean masterpiece.

I think the children's touch truly adds a special feel to this piece, and the kids will grow up, and be able to visit their old Elementary school and point out which fish they added to Wyland's school piece. Thank you Wyland for donating your time, and adding this crustacean creation to such a young learning environment.