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Beach Bedding, Surfboard rugs, Surf Decor, Hawaiian Baby Bedding, Tropical Comforters, and Grass Raffia Bed Skirts by Dean Miller Surf Bedding

Dean Miller Surf Bedding was the first company to introduce surf bedding to the home decor market. Since May of 1999 Dean Miller Hawaiian Bedding has been making tropical bedding, so you can count on Dean Miller Surf Bedding to bring you the highest quality beach bedding possible. We specialize in making Hawaiian bedding, Tropical Bedding, and Beach Bedding.

Dean Miller Hawaiian Bedding has been making beach bedding for surfers and tropical bedding island lovers for over a decade now. Dean Miller Surf Bedding understands how to make the best quality Hawaiian bedding. Our unique tropical bedding style has been copied many times, but only Dean Miller Hawaiian Bedding has been able to deliver a high quality beach bedding product for 17 years straight!

Follow our Hawaiian Bedding Blog online if you would like more information on beach bedding and Hawaiian Prints.

Most Dean Miller Hawaiian Bedding products are MADE IN THE USA!

A tropical comforter is the perfect summertime retreat, and when it's not summer, our beach bedding will make you feel like summer never ended with Dean Miller's tropical comforters.

Dean Miller's bed spread and tropical bedding are a perfect nighttime getaway. Having Dean Miller Hawaiian Bedding is like going on vacation every night. Our hibiscus bedding will bring you sweet dreams all night as you rest in your 100% cotton tropical bedding. Surfboard bedding sure brings me soothing dreams every night.

Re-decorating with Hawaiian bedding is like sleeping in an island paradise every night. Hawaiian print bedding is easy to make over any room in your house by adding a tropical comforter to your bedroom or guest room. A quick and cost effective change of adding a tropical comforter or Hawaiian comforter will dramatically alter the appearance of your surfing themed bedroom. Our surfer bedding brings home dreams of surfing big set waves. If you have a little one coming, purchase our high quality and unique Hawaiian baby bedding, or a Hawaiian comforter that has many coordinating surfboard rugs to appease anyone's decorating taste. Hawaiian baby bedding is available here as four piece crib sets.

Here at our online store we have a wide selection of Hawaiian print bedding and surfer bedding to choose from. Our tropical bedding store sells bed spreads comforters, and tropical comforters for all your Hawaiian bedding needs. We are surfers here at Dean Miller bedding so we know surfer bedding, and what your Hawaiian print bedding should look like. We got your whole surf room covered from surfboard bedding to hibiscus bedding, from the beach comforter to surfboard rugs on the floor, to a wall covered with Surf art that matches your tropical comforter.

If you have any questions concerning the Dean Miller Hawaiian Bedding web store,, a tropical comforter, or any other questions relating to a surf bed comforter or surf bed spreads comforters we will be happy to answer any and all questions. Even if it is not our tropical bedding, we are very knowledgeable in the area of surf bed spreads comforters since we have been selling beach bedding and tropical comforters for so long.

Believe it or not, we actually enjoy making surf bedding comforter products.

Thanks for checking out our little Hawaiian bedding site on the internet at and don't forget to give us a call at (949) 370 - 6535 with any surf bedding comforter questions or just to chat!

Dean Miller Surf Bedding was started in May of 1999 with the simple goal of trying to make some fun and unique bedding.
Everything on the market back then was boring Laura Ashely floral designs, solids, or Star Wars sheets.
What is a single twenty something year old who lives at the beach and loves surfing supposed to have on his bed?
So the founder of Dean Miller decided to sew some Hawaiian fabric together and make his own bedding.
We have never looked back since.

Dean Miller Surf Bedding is the first and only company to specialize in hawaiian bedding, hawaiian print, and surf bedding.
Our hawaiian print bedding duvets are the perfect summertime retreat, and when it's not summer, beach bedding will make you feel like summer never ended!

Since we have been making surfer bedding since May of 1999, you can count on Dean Miller bedding to bring you the highest quality bed comforter possible.

Whether you are looking for a tropical bedding ensemble, surfboard rugs, duvets, car seat covers, Surf art, new Surf decor, or hawaiian bedding, Dean Miller bedding will deliver on time with great customer service.

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