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Hawaiian Bedding

Why Surf Bedding is So Important

When it comes to decorating our beach houses with beach decor, surfers spend a lot of time, money, and creative juices on the rooms of their house that the house guests are going to spend the most time in. Rooms like our front entranceway, bathrooms, kitchens, and of course the living room where we do most of our entertaining. The most overlooked room in the beach house is our bedroom, and the bedding we use in not only the master bedroom, but the guest bedroom too. Technically if you have an overnight guest, the spare tropical bedroom will be the room your guest will spend the most time in, lumbering the night away.


With no good explanation most people decorate their bedrooms and pick surf bedding last. Surfers find it hard to justify transforming their own bedroom into a special tropical retreat to make it just as special or unique as the rest of the house. You let your teen transform their room into their own space, they got to pick our their own bedding, surfing wall décor, and plaster stickers all over their ceiling. So how come the rest of us settle for the same typical Laura Ashley floral bedding our parents used?


It’s time to join the new surfing generation and choose your own unique style to make your surf bedroom a place you can retreat too, relax, unwind, and make it your own personal sanctuary. Nowadays it is so easy to shop for bedding, and beach décor, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. With just a few clicks on your computer you can have a whole beach bed ensemble delivered to your front door. Your dream tropical room is only a shipment away.


Make a plan for your new surf room, think about everything you will need. The first and most important part of a bedroom is the focal point of the room. This is usually your bed, and the tropical bedding you choose. Anyone walking by your room, or who enters your beach room will be drawn to automatically look at your surf bedding. Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your room, and good quality bedding is important to showcase and highlight not only your taste in décor, but show some of your personality at the same time.


Once you have chosen a bedding set, its time to decorate from the inside out! Pick out a night lamp that coordinates with your new bedding, throw down a matching rug that will compliment your new bedding, and make a custom framed wall surfing poster to tie everything together. Having a new bedroom will revitalize your spirit to give your room an exciting and new place to come home to every night. A room to stop dreaming in, and now will be one you dreamed of.


Dean Miller Surf Bedding has so many patterns for you choose from, we offer everything from surfboards to tiki men to toned down tropical print bedding. But we don’t stop there, we also offer all the complimentary décor for your bedding, with rugs, window dressings, lamps, wall signs, your room will feel like an endless tropical vacation. Let Dean Miller help you make you feel like you are staying at a five star Hawaiian resort every night!


Bring a little Aloha home.

Decorating for a Teenager’s Room

Teen bedding can make a substational difference when decorating for a teenager’s room. Dean Miller can change the whole room’s look just by switching or adding new bedding.


Most parents fear their teenaged child will paint dark moody colors, and put racy photos and posters all over their bedroom walls. Well Dean Miller Surf Bedding is a perfect match for teens and tweens who want to show their tastes as well as leave the room tastefully decorated for their parents.

When your son or daughter comes into their teenage years, they are moving from that stage of growing out of their childhood bedding of Star Wars and Barbie Princess sheets. Teens want an identity of their own. They want their room to reflect who they are. Teens want their bedroom to be their space, and they want to express themselves and their likes and desires.  Teenagers take pride in how their room may look, even if the bed is never made or clothes are all over the floor.

Adding some new paint and new bedding is all you will probably need to give your teen a fresh new tropical look. You can even spend some quality time with your teen browsing our wide selection of surfing and beach themed prints, and letting them pick which bedding design they like most. And if you re lucky you might be able to guide them in the right design direction to match the rest of your home décor. We have sets made just for teen boys, and some made exclusively for teen girls.

Dean Miller has many surf décor themes to choose from, such as surfing, skateboarding, classic Hawaiian prints, Tiki town, woody cars, surfboard designs, and classic hibiscus tropical flowers. Whatever your teen’s personality is, we probably have a theme to fit him. All designs are available in comforters and duvets, with many other décor choices for you.
Dean Miller Hawaiian Bedding brings the beach indoors

Picture a twenty-something surfer trying to shop for bedding for their home. Between solid colors, Stars Wars and feminine themed flowers, he can find nothing that would suit his hip, surf-obsessed lifestyle.


So he visits a fabric store, finds a few cool Hawaiian fabric prints in bright hibiscus patterns, then has the local dry cleaners sew them together to make tropical bedding. And the rest, as they say in Hawaii, is legend.


Out of this fruitless search for Hawaiian bedding, a company was born that specializes in tropical bedding. Dean Miller Hawaiian Bedding is riding a wave of success making comforters, duvets, throw blankets, dec pillows, crib sets, and other surf themed décor items.


"We filled a niche that just needed to be filled, " says Doug Smith, the owner of the Dana Point-based Hawaiian bedding enterprise. "I looked at the industry and everything was so bland and similar that we just wanted to add a little fun and bring some island accents into the home. We did this by making our own line of tropical bedding."


Dean Miller’s brightly patterned tropical bedding comes in prints featuring traditional hibiscus flowers, long boards, hula dancers, pineapples, tikis and even daiquiris. Classic motifs for any Hawaiian bedding enthusiast.


And just who is Dean Miller? The Hawaiian bedding company name originates from a "kama'aina" (local) legend named Dean Miller, who was said to reside in the majestic beauty of Kauai's rainforest, and hunted wild boar, fished Hawaii's prolific oceans, bathed under towering waterfalls and slept on a bed of Hawaiian flowers.


"The story embodied everything our company was about," said the tropical bedding owner. Whether the legend is true or not, they thought it was the perfect name for their new Hawaiian bedding business.



Dean Miller’s tropical bedding is located in Orange County, California that suits them perfectly, the owner says. "We're here mainly for economics, easy distribution to our customer base and centralized shipping." But there is one other good reason the owner cites for being in Dana Point, "It's close to the beach," he says. You can view the tropical bedding superstore and also buy online at