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Fun Things to do with Hawaiian Fabric

Besides making Hawaiian bedding designs, we wanted to show some of the projects we have done using our Hawaiian Fabrics to give you some design ideas or to spur your creativity. Feel free to send in your user photos and we will post them here! You can always buy any of our current designs as Hawaiian fabric by the yard to get your project up and running!

Hawaiian Surfboard

This is a custom surfboard I had made for my 3yr old son with our Alabaster's Dream Fabric. The fabric is glassed in the board. If you do use a Hawaiian fabric for your surfboard, we recommend using a lighter color fabric, as the glassing process makes the fabric darker for some reason. Less than a yard of fabric was used for this surfboard.

Hawaiian Chair

A little baby chair for the little guys! We used to sell these chairs, but they are kind of expensive to ship due to the size and weight of them. I would recommend finding a local upholster who can build one for you. This one actually rocked back and forth too. This project took about 3 - 4 yards of fabric, and came out great.

Hawaiian Quilt

Make a patchwork quilt! If a loved one wears a lot of Hawaiian shirts it would be fun to take some old ones and cut them up and make a patchwork Hawaiian quilt for them. Quilts are great because you can use scrap fabric and remnants to create it. Just add in some coordinating stripes, solids, or plaids and you'll be all set! They are a bit labor intensive, but well worth the time.