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Go See What's Around the Bend
Adventure calls us all to the open road, and wide ranges in search of finding some empty point breaks along our treasured coast. Some of the best and most elusive surf can be found in remote areas of the world not yet suited for fancy resorts, and infinity pools. If you are going to be hunting desolate surf breaks I suggest a good vehicle, and bringing along your own sleeping accommodations.

Don't Cry, Dry Your Eye
You don't need to sleep on the ground in a tent all the time, you can simply attach your own tear drop trailer and hit the road in style. Tear drop trailers (or tear drop campers) are small, streamlined travel trailers in the shape of a tear drop that can sleep two people in full comfort. They aren't as bulky or gas consuming as an RV, and can be easily towed behind almost any regular sized passenger car. These are great lightweight units for camping, and weekend warriors. They are so popular that even Home Depot sells their own version of a teardrop trailer.

Perfect Wife, Perfect Life
One of our customers had his tear drop trailer outfitted in a surf theme, and used our Surf Tapa comforter set for the bedding, and had some custom curtains sewn with our surfboard fabric to bring that beach decorator touch to the great outdoors. He even fastened a Gone Surfing sign inside the trailer, (which we are assuming can be easily hung outside the trailer to let his wife know he has snuck away again for a dawn patrol session, and hopefully he will have a hearty breakfast waiting for him upon his return.)

The trailer looks great with the chrome on the back, and seems to have been a labor of love. I hope the owners will enjoy the summer sun, and get out and explore!