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Surf Room Mural
This is a fun and artistic decorating project that will make any wall in your house into an original work of art.

If you have some empty wall space that you are not quite sure of what to do with, we suggest using the entire wall as your art canvas.

Empty Surf Room

Here we have a pretty plain room, with a basic neutral color wall. Instead of adding a new surf sign, we are going to use both of the walls and transform the entire room into a surfing mecca.
Surfing Mural
We used one of the surfing scenes from the background of our original artwork, DM362 - Surf Tapa.
We cut out the surfer to use this wave rider as the focus of our surfer mural. After cleaning him up a bit,
by getting rid of some of the background, and not making the mural so square. Remember our goal is to cover two walls, not just one.
We also flipped the image around to fit the wall we want to sketch our surfer mural onto.
Surfer Room Mural
To get the large scale surfer wall, we used a simple trick similar to how Batman gets called into action in Gotham City.
Simply get the surfer mural image cleaned up how you would like it, then print it out on a normal 8.5" x 11" piece of paper via your computer.
Then cut out either the white part or the blue area to create a shadow area on your wall. Use any large flashlight, the bigger the better, and hold or tape the cut out surfer in front of the flashlight beam. Shine the surfer onto the wall you want to paint, figure out how large you want your surfer mural, and use a pencil to trace the shadow on your wall.
Now you are ready to paint!
Surfer Mural
Surfer Mural Painted on a Wall