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You're a guy. You surf. You need bedding. You shop. And Shop. You give up.

Not if you're Edward McLean, 28. Surfer. You go to a fabric shop and have the seamstress at the local dry cleaner stitch up a comforter. Totally cool. Your college buddy, Doug Smith, also 28, MBA candidate, sees it - and sees dollar signs. Dean Miller Hawaiian Print Bedding is born.

Three months later, the two buddies are selling our of their limited-edition bed sets in island-fun-loving prints of longboards, hula dancers, umbrella-topped cocktails, woodies, pineapples and giant hibiscus.

"We only make a limited number in each print to ensure the individuality of your bedroom," Smith says, talking from the duo's Laguna Beach office after riding some waves. "A lot of moms bought the bright-red surfboard pattern for their kids. And recently we've been selling to a lot of old-school surfers." In upcoming months, the line will expand to include curtians and towels. "Nobody, not even any companies in Hawaii, are doing what we're doing," Smith says.

And just who is Dean Miller? "A Hawaiian legend," according to the Web site, "a man who hunted wild boar, fished awesome oceans, surfer mighty waves, bathed in breath-taking waterfalls, and most importantly, slept on a bed of Hawaiian flowers."