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Dean Miller

DM416 - Hana House

Hawaiian Fabric Comforter
This Polynesian themed design, DM416 - Hana House, is a classic Hawaiian design perfect to let the aloha in any home. The word Hana is a name of Hawaiian origin, and its meaning is "Flower, or Blossom."

Hana House by Dean Miller features a row of white Hibiscus flowers highlighted with a yellow tip, next to Hawaiian themed motifs. These motifs are symbols of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture.

For example the turtle (or "Honu" in Hawaiian) is a symbol of Long Life. And of course Hawaii is known for their pineapple farms, and have been a long source of income for the Hawaiian Islands because pineapples thrive in tropical climates. Giving someone a pineapple has been long considered a warm gift or symbol of hospitality.

This new Hawaiian bedding design is set atop a steel blueish ground, with dark tonal tribal drawings. The whole design is laid out to run from the bottom of your bed to the top. This gives the eye an easy and warm appeal to your bedroom. This design is available in comforters, duvets, shams, window coverings, and much more!
Polynesian Bedding