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Outdoor Garden Surf Decor - A little dirt won't hurt

Surf decor shouldn't be regulated to just the indoors. You can't have an awesome surf house without bringing your passion for surfing back out to nature. I was out looking for some cool drought tolerant plants so my Southern California beach house doesn't turn into an Arizona rock landscaped front yard, when I stumbled upon these fun, and unique garden art pieces. I don't believe they have any actual gardening functionality to them other than adding a whimsical touch to your backyard.

The first one was a the classic California surfing symbol, the woody car with boards on the roof rack. I have no idea what year or make or model this car is supposed to be, but if one of our readers knows, please do tell. The woody car make look kind of small in the picture, but each piece is about knee high, and about four feet wide. They are made out of some kind of steel that looks like it will rust a bit the more you own it, which I can only imagine will give it that cool weathered look over time.

The second ingenuity of original outdoor surf decor found in this nursery was an awesome replica of a VW surfing bus. This bus was packed with boards, and ready to head out on the highway in search of empty, perfect point breaks up and down the coast of Baja. This model was roughly the same size as the California woody car, and also seemed like it would weather a dynamic rust pattern as well.

It would be a lot of fun to set up an imaginary road, or path in your garden for your surf cars to voyage through. You could have lots of fun areas to voyage though, like the desert plants of Mexico ending into some tropical foliage from Hawaii or Indonesia with a nice water fountain or small pond. Be great to bring back some plants from some of your surf trips to remind you of how great it is to get out and surf the world.