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Front Page of the Orange County Register Newspaper Published On Saturday, March 19, 2011.
Note how Dean Miller is the lead story above President Obama!

This feature article filled up the entire front page of the Home & Garden section, and even spilled over onto page 8!

Surf-inspired bedding in O.C.



You have to acknowledge that lots creativity comes from the surf community. With clothes, shoes, equipment and special events, it's as if anyone who ever rode a wave strives to preserve their lifestyle by turning the hobby into a business.

Orange County certainly has more than its share of action sports entrepreneurs, and Doug Smith of Dana Point is one of them.

Dean Miller surf inspired bedding is a décor business launched by Smith immediately after he finished his MBA at Chapman University in 1999. He knew exactly what he wanted to do – make items that appealed to thousands of beach lovers like him.

Bedspreads, sheets, throws, crib sets and duvets are not terms you're likely to discuss with gnarly surf dudes. But Smith is all about thread count and other considerations in the home furnishings field.

The company is named after surf legend Dean Miller, whom Smith learned about on his Kauai honeymoon.

"Legend says that Dean Miller lived in the rain forest, bathed in the waterfalls and slept on beds of flowers," Smith said.

"Bed of flowers" was the a-ha moment for Smith. Taking inspiration from vintage Hawaiian shirts, Smith designed and manufactured his line of surf-inspired bedding for children when all that was available at the time was Laura Ashley and Star Wars.

Now Dean Miller Prints has developed into a full line of décor items from curtains to surfboard rugs, quilts and baby gear. Prices range from $24.99 for an infant Burp's Up onesie to $175.00 for king size comforter sets.