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Aloha Accents

Creating your own tropical getaway inside your home can be a daunting task. Expert surf room designer, Dean Miller, shares his secrets for creating the tropical home of your dreams.

Adding accents to a room is just like adding accessories to your outfit. The perfect bracelet or charm can really complete the look you are going for. Home decorating follows the same concept. Choosing the right accent for an empty spot of wall, a bare nightstand, or floor space will help to bring a harmonious flow to your living area. Home accents are easy to find and can dramatically alter the feel of your home. They are also great to hide any blemishes on a stained carpet, or poor paint job.

Surfboard Rug
-- Surfboard Shaped Rug --
For example, a surfboard rug is a great way to cover up any scratches you have on a hardwood floor and area rugs come in many colors to match your bedding.

Hawaiian Sign Surfer Sign

-- Surf Signs --
Wall accents are particularly great for hiding marks, electrical outlets, or cords. Paintings, pictures, and signs come in all sizes, shapes, and colors to coordinate with any theme bedroom you may have. And if the picture isn’t quite big enough, you can always get the size you need by adding a larger frame to it. I like to use surf signs that remind me of exotic places. Every time I gaze at a vintage Hawaiian drawing I am instantly transported back to a simpler time.
-- Surfboard Shelf --
We have added some great, very high quality surfboard wall shelves to display photo frames, or anything else that needs a new home. Only surfers know how great a good nose ride can be, and this surfboard shelf will remind you of how great a long long board wave can be. This surfboard shelf is unlike any other shelf on the home decor market, and all your guests will be asking you where you got this unique surfboard shelf. Surfboard shelves are made of solid wood construction and are easy to put on any wall and are very durable. The surfboard shelf has classic walnut stringers, a single fin support, solid wood construction and easily mounts on any wall. No cheap plywood used in our surfboard shelves.
-- Sea Shells Used for Decoration --
Nightstand accents can be both functional and decorative. Having just your sleep mask and alarm clock shouldn’t be the first thing you see in the morning. Spread some seashells you collected on the beach around the base of your nightstand lamp to ensure dreams of aloha all night. When you open your eyes in the morning and see the fruits of your beach combing at your bedside, you’ll be instantly reminded of that warm summer day you spent searching the sands for that perfect seashell. This is a great low cost aloha accent for your bedroom retreat! Make sure you vary the size, shape, and color of your collection for more added appeal.
Mix in a beach scented candle on top of a handful of sand, and you’ll be saying Aloha to everyone you run into that morning.